Make a Will!
Don’t put it off any longer. Bayside Solicitors will make it a very easy process for you. That process includes:

  • A relaxed consultation with one of our friendly and informative Wills lawyers at our Frankston office to discuss who you want to benefit from your Will and how best to ensure that your wishes are met; drafting of Will (and maybe Power of Attorney) documents, which are sent to you to read at your leisure
  • A further consultation with your lawyer to go through the drafted documents and ensure they match your instructions prior to signing;
  • Retention of the original documents in our Deeds safe at no extra charge, with a copy of your Will provided to you in a Will Envelope showing details of where the original is retained;
  • Provision of a reasonable lump sum quote during the initial consultation (which is free if you decide not to proceed further at that time).

Deceased Estates and Probate

If you have been appointed as Executor of an estate, or your loved one has died without a Will, Bayside Solicitors can help you with all of the legal requirements. We will:

  • Assist you to apply for a Grant of Probate (where there is a Will) or a Grant of Letters of Administration (where there is no valid Will) from the Supreme Court, so that you are formally appointed as legal representative, to deal with the assets of the estate;
  • Ensure that the assets in the estate are collected as quickly as possible, debts paid, and distributions to beneficiaries are made quickly and in accordance with the law;
  • At all times, our lawyers keep you informed of what is happening in the administration of the estate;
  • Charge you in accordance with the scales of costs set down by the courts, copies of which will be provided to you, rather than at an increased hourly rate.

Challenging a Will

If someone with whom you have a close relationship has died without making adequate provision for you, you may be able to apply to the Supreme Court for provision to be made for you from the estate. There is a very strict time limit for such an application to be made, so please make an appointment to discuss your prospect of success as soon as possible after your loved one has died.

Call the Probate Lawyers Serving Mount Eliza, Frankston & Mornington Peninsula

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