Bayside Solicitors is a dynamic legal practice based in Frankston, the heart of the Mornington Peninsula. Since our establishment in 1998 our firm has grown significantly which enables us to practice in many areas of law so as to better service our community.

Choosing a legal practitioner may be one of the most important decisions you will make. Bayside Solicitors makes that decision easy for you. Our lawyers come from diverse legal backgrounds and apply their knowledge, creativity and legal expertise to help our clients achieve their objectives.

Call now for your obligation-free first 15 minute interview to meet one of our friendly lawyers and discuss your legal issue, and make your decision after that.

About Us

Bayside Solicitors was established in 1998 by Ashley Tickner and Alysia Mein, who remain the principal solicitors of the firm. Since that time the firm has grown dramatically to a team of 15 people as a result of our commitment to solving people’s legal problems.

Our Barristers and Solicitors

All of our solicitors have the experience and commitment to solve your problem in their area of work. You can see their particular areas of experience under the “Our Team” link. Please call our experienced receptionists who will ensure that you see the right lawyer to help you with your legal matter. See more of our Bayside Team.

Down to Earth Lawyers

One of the reasons our clients like us is that our lawyers are not arrogant. Whether your problem is commercial, marital or criminal in nature, our solicitors will work with you to solve your problem and ensure that you understand the advice that we are giving you. Likewise, we are fortunate to have a friendly and well-informed support team who can assist with any issues if your solicitor is unavailable.

Representation in Court

We are of the mindset that our barristers and solicitors should be representing their clients in court, rather than bringing in a new lawyer or briefing an independent barrister for the purpose of the court appearance as many of our competitors do. This means that you retain in court the knowledge you have provided to your lawyer from the start. If you are looking for a law firm, we encourage you to speak to other lawyers to see whether that lawyer will be the one representing you in court and how much experience they have. In our firm, the answer will usually be that the lawyer you are speaking to will be the one representing you in court. Because there is often no additional barrister involved, there is therefore no duplicity in costs. Because of the regularity of our solicitors’ appearances in court, this means that they remain up-to-date with the law and understand the judges.


Unlike most law firms, in the vast majority of client files, we do not set our own fees. We have been satisfied to accept the government-approved scale fees set by the courts. This is a demonstration of our commitment to cost-effectiveness. In other firms, our solicitors would be charging double. We ensure that our clients know what their matters are going to cost them, advising them of likely costs in the first interview and confirming that advice in writing for you.

Our clients have the added convenience of onsite parking and disabled access