Lawyers for Crime & Traffic Offences in Frankston, Mount Eliza & Mornington

Our lawyers at Bayside Solicitors have a social conscience – a desire to help clients, to promote fairness, and to ensure legal representation is available to everyone. We provide strong and experienced criminal representation in court.

Our criminal and traffic offence lawyers, led by Ashley Tickner, have many years of experience in court. As we are Barristers and Solicitors, the advantage to you is that there is no doubling of fees involved in a solicitor briefing a separate Barrister for you.

Our criminal solicitors have appeared in court to represent clients thousands of times, and as such have developed a strong reputation for advocacy.

Although our criminal lawyers are located in all courts, we represent a diverse range of cases in courts of all levels right across Melbourne.

The cases we represent clients in include:

  • Assault
  • Theft
  • Burglary
  • Social security fraud
  • Intervention orders
  • Drug offences
  • Drink driving
  • Driving without a licence
  • Other traffic offences
  • Serious offences

Criminal Solicitors for Court Representation

We appear in the Frankston, Moorabbin and Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on a daily basis, which has led to the development of good relationships with police and legal authorities. Located in close proximity to the Frankston Magistrates’ Court, we are able to appear at very short notice, for example, where clients require assistance with bail applications. We also attend the Melbourne County Court for appeals against sentences.

A Bayside criminal lawyer can attend clients in custody and appear for summary criminal matters, but also have the skill to appear on behalf of clients facing serious indictable charges, from drink driving through to drug offences, our team of criminal solicitors can represent you. This means that whether you are seeking criminal lawyers near Frankston, Mount Eliza, and along the Mornington Peninsula, or require representation in the county or Supreme Courts across Melbourne, we have the experience to help.

What Makes Us Special?

Skilled Criminal Defense and Traffic Law Representation: Our solicitors excel in criminal law and traffic offenses, showcasing a commanding presence in courtrooms as both barristers and solicitors. They ensure every criminal and traffic case is handled with utmost expertise from beginning to end.

Affordable Criminal and Traffic Legal Services: By strategically utilizing our in-house legal team, we offer cost-effective solutions for criminal and traffic law cases, delivering top-tier legal defense without overburdening your finances.

Strategically Located: Situated near key legal institutions like the Frankston Magistrates Court, our firm offers immediate access to vital legal resources, enabling quick and effective responses for criminal and traffic law cases.

Transparent Pricing: We adhere to standard legal pricing models,  ensuring our fees are straightforward, fair, and in compliance with legal industry norms.

Targeted Results: With a focus on efficacy and securing favorable outcomes, our firm is dedicated to vigorously defending clients in criminal and traffic law matters.

Welcoming Service: Our firm provides a supportive and professional environment, specially tailored to meet the needs of those facing criminal charges or traffic offenses, with a blend of understanding and legal acumen.

Years of Expertise in Criminal and Traffic Law: Established in 1998, our firm brings extensive experience in criminal and traffic law, ensuring clients benefit from our deep understanding of these specific legal areas.

Successful Record in Criminal and Traffic Legal Matters: We have a strong track record, having successfully represented thousands in criminal and traffic law cases, reflecting our commitment and skill in these legal fields.

United Legal Team: Our cohesive group of legal professionals works together fluidly, combining their expertise in criminal and traffic law to offer all-encompassing legal support.

Comprehensive Criminal and Traffic Legal Services: We provide legal assistance in various courts throughout Melbourne, including traffic and criminal law cases, offering widespread representation.

Adaptable Payment Options: Recognizing the financial strain of legal proceedings, we offer flexible payment arrangements in criminal and traffic cases, providing financial flexibility where needed.

Detailed Guidance on Criminal and Traffic Law Issues: Clients receive comprehensive advice on their criminal or traffic law cases, ensuring they are well-informed at every step of their legal journey.

Empathetic Representation: Our lawyers are not just legally adept in criminal and traffic law but also empathetic, ensuring that your case is handled with both professionalism and compassion.


For Criminal & Traffic Offences, Call Our Frankston & Mount Eliza Lawyers

We have a reputation for fighting vigorously for our clients’ rights and compensation. Due to the frequency with which we appear in court, we remain up-to-date with legislation, and understand the judges and magistrates who preside over cases.

To arrange an appointment with one of our experienced criminal, traffic offence, property and commercial lawyers, call us today on (03) 9781 4822.