Family Law – Melbourne

Bayside Solicitors has a strong track record of success in matters of family law. Melbourne based clients can rely on our dedicated team of family lawyers, who have more than 50 years of combined experience in advising and representing parents, divorcees and ex-de facto partners. We offer a number of different services, including assistance with divorce settlements, de facto property divisions, child custody and parenting agreements, prenuptial agreements and more.

Our team understands that family law matters can be emotional and complicated at times. When a relationship has broken down, or when children are involved, it can be difficult to keep things in perspective and move towards a solution. That is why we offer caring and compassionate service, and will always explain your rights and responsibilities in plain English. We provide an all-inclusive family law service, bringing in extra experts such as auditors, accountants and property valuers when necessary, to reduce your stress and get a better picture of what’s at stake.

Your family lawyer from Bayside Solicitors will vigorously defend your rights in court. However, to reduce time and stress for all stakeholders, we will always try to keep you and your family out of court by negotiating resolutions with the other party. We find that this approach works well for our clients and their children, as they can get on with their lives sooner.

If you are facing a relationship breakdown and are not sure of your legal options, contact us today to make an appointment. Your first 15 minute consultation is free, so it costs nothing to learn more about what you can do.