Frankston’s Most Reliable Employment Lawyers

If you’re experiencing issues with your workplace, you may be unsure if your situation warrants legal intervention. At Bayside Solicitors, our employment lawyers are available to discuss your issues and advise on whether you have a case to pursue, and how best to come to a satisfactory conclusion. Whether it’s related to your contract, unpaid wages, inappropriate conduct, or other situations related to employment around the Frankston area, we’re here for you.

Why Do Workers Need Employment Lawyers?

You might be wondering if your particular circumstance requires the intervention of a legal representative. If you’re unsure about your situation, speak to our solicitors. We can advise you on the legal side of your employment claims and provide representation if you decide to pursue action against your employer(s). We can also negotiate employment contracts and help you recover any owed payments. Our lawyers are committed to providing excellent advice and representation on a range of employment issues. Our service area extends across Frankston and the nearby areas.

Our Lawyers Work With Frankston Businesses

If you’re based in Frankston or the surrounding suburbs and you’ve experienced unfair dismissal or other employment issues, our solicitors are here to help. We understand that the landscape of employment law can be confusing and overwhelming, which is why our lawyers endeavour to understand every facet of your case in order to pursue the justice you deserve. With a compassionate and determined approach, our solicitors will fight for your rights.

Our employment lawyers work with people from Frankston, Mount Eliza, and the nearby areas to provide exceptional legal representation for debt collection, small business law, and commercial law matters. To make an appointment with our solicitors, can call us on (03) 8679 6983. The first 15 minutes of your consultation is free.