Shareholder Agreements

Comprehensive Shareholder Agreements for Frankston Businesses

If you’re starting a business, it’s important to know what kinds of documentation you will need to protect yourself and your employees from disputes that may arise in the future. With Bayside Solicitors, you can rest assured that all your bases will be covered.

When it comes to shareholder agreements, our solicitors leave no stone unturned. We understand that businesses rely on shareholders for the success of their business, but there must be formalised documentation stating what responsibilities and expectations are held by each party. At Bayside Solicitors, we have experience crafting shareholder agreements for businesses across Frankston, Mount Eliza, the Mornington Peninsula, and beyond.

What is Included in Shareholder Agreements?

If you’re interested in drawing up a shareholder agreement, you should be aware of what is typically included in such a document. You can expect to find information that covers the structure, management, funding, and direction of the business. These agreements should outline the full range of obligations and responsibilities of the business owner(s), which includes their commitments to the shareholders. Such agreements exist so that any issues or obstacles that arise with the business can be dealt with swiftly and efficiently as determined by the terms of the agreement. Both the business owner(s) and the shareholders will declare their participation with this agreement.

Drawing Agreements for Clients Across Frankston & the Mornington Peninsula

If you’re located in Frankston, Mount Eliza, or along the Mornington Peninsula, our solicitors can be of service to your business. For more information about shareholder agreements and how they pertain to your business, or to discuss employment law or commercial law matters, make an appointment at our Melbourne office. You can call us on (03) 8679 6983, and keep in mind that the first 15 minutes of your consultation is free.